Event Review – Silo Cinema: Shorter Days & Longer Nights

As part of the Action Media intiative, we are working with the young people to gain Arts Awards. Part of the Arts Award qualification requires being an audience member at an arts event. This is the a review of an event that a member of Action Media has attended.


Silo Cinema – ‘Shorter Days & Longer Nights’
Online film festival

An online film festival – featuring a variety of films. Some from local students.

We viewed this online film festival as part of the Action Media programme [during early summer 2021].


A review from C

I attended this event to look into different ways of filming, and seeing others films as inspiriations for myself.

We looked into a few different videos to see what ideas people have came up with for the subject and how much effort and time they put into these videos.


Deadpool vs Taskmaster: [Starts at 19:52]

Good use of sound effects and good use of music. Although stop-animation takes a lot of work, there were a couple of mistakes. I think it could have been a bit smoother.


Parallel Timelines: [Starts at 11:22]

Quite funny. Nice references. Good use of sound effects, clips and voice overs. Some good ideas. I enjoyed watching this one. It was quite funny. I like the comedy in this film.


Dreams Come True: [Starts at 30:32]

I love the introduction scene, how it fades on the character and fades to the other character. Good choice of music and good editing. Nice beginning and ending, I loved how the ending was. I appreciate the hard work and effort that had gone into making this. A nice story and with a festive spirit.


What I think about this event I attended, I believe it went quite well. I appreciated the videos that were made during this event. Having an understanding on others videos and how they produced their videos, understanding what it takes to produce a video, the amount of editing and searching for non copyright music/sounds for the video. I think it was worthwhile watching these videos made by other people, they put a lot of effort into producing entertainment for us the viewers.

I would watch them again and recommend to other people to watch. Gives you the opportunity to see videos you don’t always see.