Event Review – Fred Tomaselli: ‘Banner Year’ [online exhibition]

As part of the Action Media intiative, we are working with the young people to gain Arts Awards. Part of the Arts Award qualification requires being an audience member at an arts event. This is the a review of an event that a member of Action Media has attended.


Fred Tomaselli – ‘Banner Year’
White Cube gallery 29 Oct – 14 Jan 22

One of the ways that art galleries and museums have adapted over the Covid pandemic, is by having online exhibitions.

We viewed this exhibition online – rather than going in person – due to the virus conditions and numbers at the time [late Nov 2021].


A review from D

We chose this online exhibition to view as the colours and patterns look bright and interesting.
Fred creates collages using newspaper articles – cutting up and painting on photographs.
He gets his political views across in a creative way.

I liked the bright colours of the art. The paint colours are brighter than you normally get on newspaper – which makes them stand out.
I prefer the images that have abstract/pattern backgrounds.

It would be better to see them in real life, then you could see what was painted and what was cut out.
I don’t know enough about US politics. I think the more you know about that, the more you might enjoy this exhibition.

It was interesting how each of the pieces were different.
It was interesting seeing his use of collage, I want to go and try some collage now!